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Tarete™ is a Call to Virtue™ based on the concept of Arete formed by the Ancient Greeks.

In Grecian times, men and women fought for their land and freedom by relying on one another’s virtues. Arete meant the highest way of living. Arete meant excellence in all things. From this creed of excellence, the Greeks conceptualized and instituted the first egalitarian government that spawned democratic governance as we know it today.

In modern times, the call to live with excellence and to fight for freedom is still alive. Pope Francis has said that addressing the human condition is not done merely through the defense of rights but also through the exercise of virtue. Therefore, Tarete™ is inclusive of men and women who actively exercise virtue and strive to achieve their highest human potential.

The ethos of Arete espouses that while all men have great potential, all potential must be refined. Accordingly, at Tarete™, we seek to refine our potential through the exercise of virtues such as triumph, strength, bravery, wisdom, temperance, magnanimity, and more. We desire to achieve the greatest outgrowth in life, and our goal is to incite you to do the same.

Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, ““Ethos anthropos daimon”:
Character is a man’s fate; character is his destiny.

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Join us at Tarete™ where we sell character, one trait at a time.

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TARETE, LLC is a creative marketing and media company offering creative art and content, branding services, product development, web-based retail, and publishing services that promote character development.